"Excellent, comprehensive training in essential self defence skills with a great balance of technique and theory based work. Highly recommend self defence Canterbury!"


Laura Denmar

Actress & Singer


"Self Defence Canterbury has a range of opportunities suitable for all needs and experience levels. I have participated in the university society group for self defence and wellbeing, as well as the 1:1 self defence level 1 training program. Adam is a very experienced and knowledgeable practitioner with refreshing honesty and practicality, he is extremely adaptable and encouraging for all levels of ability. Adam’s flexibility and dedication have made him a brilliant instructor to learn under and train with and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone starting out or wishing to enhance their training and knowledge, as he will push you past your comfort level and change your outlook, improve your skills and get you to your goals. As any good instructor should, he is constantly open to learning and is developing himself alongside his students and peers. Speaking from experience of starting new programs and training regimes, it is reassuring to see well-structured programs and an instructor with so much experience, as well as future developments.."


Grégory Pitcher

Diversional Activity Coordinator for Adult Inpatient Mental Health - NHS Surrey

"Brilliant trainer and has helped my confidence as a person as well - thank you Adam."


Daniel Blackwell

Youth Support Worker - Ashford Borough Council

"A high skilled and helpful trainer!!!! Thanks Adam."


Michalis Challoumas

Assistant Judo Instructor - Cypriot Dojo

"Adam's classes have been informative, interesting and useful. I had little idea of the class content prior to starting and was concerned that I might not be 'strong enough', however, the concept of needing strength diminished as the weeks progressed as my learning was that technique, agility and swift response are the key aspects of self-defence. There were frustrating moments when I struggled to 'get' the technique, however, as with everything else in life, practice makes perfect! I found the stress-testing, well, stressful - it definitely took me out of my comfort zone - however, it really enabled me to focus on the various routes of escape and is a vital part of the course. I am pleased to have completed it and would encourage anyone to equip themselves with this essential life skill."


Barnes Restell

HR Consultant

"I have over many years attended many diet and fitness clubs but never achieved my goal. Recently I met Adam and for the last three of weeks have been taken under his wing with fitness training combined with diet. Adam has already shown me how to succeed, he has motivated me and with his continued support, encouragement and patience I know I will achieve weight loss and fitness, especially as the word 'can't' is not one for which Adam appears to understand. In this short time I have already lost a stone/14lbs and the one to one training sessions are designed by him to my individual needs. I never used to exercise but now I look forward to meeting up with Adam on a weekly basis to continue my progress."

Pat Tomsett

Legal Assistant

"I met Adam a few times through some friends who he trained and decided that I wanted to get involved. After discussing my previous martial art experience in judo and karate and my background in sport he decided that I would be a good candidate for an instructor course. The training was incredibly exciting and eye opening and very physically challenging. Adam is a great coach explaining everything clearly and teaches you not only technique but how to adapt to the real world and what it feels like for someone else to do the techniques on you."


Matt Taylor

Personal Trainer

"From my time training with Adam I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn how to defend themselves in any situation from a very experienced and knowledgeable instructor.
From our first session together it was clear to see Adam's great understanding and knowledge for martial arts and transforming that into a very effective self defence session."


Dan Clayton

Personal Trainer and Owner of Momentum Fitness


"Only a few weeks in to the self defence but I have already gained confidence in myself and when I go out, I can't wait to learn more! A tough teacher but that's what you need to help you for real life scenarios."


Harry Skye

Canterbury Christ Church University Student


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Self Defence Canterbury