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Basic Self Defence

For private self-defence and fitness training including simple, advanced self-defence and weapons defence please get in touch and see how it could benefit you


Since the 1970s Martial Arts and various forms of self-defence have been popular in the UK however a lot of these forms are not so effective in reality and so we teach a far more reality based form of self-defence which has taken many elements from various martials arts and simple street fighting to develop an effective defence.


Days available: 7 days a week

Times available: 6pm-12am


Classes offered:

  • Basic Self Defence - Ongoing Training/Shortened Intense Weekend course. Within this course you will learn various techniques for reality based self defence and self protection from simple positive speech to effective takedowns. - Variable depending on need.

A.R.D Self Defence

The ARD Self Defence System stands for Awareness. Response. Delivery. was created in 2013 to direct approach to self defence. It gained official recognition in 2018 through registration with the MAA-I.

Using new techniques and adapted moves from a variety of martial arts 

from various countries.

It has simple foot work that is the base for the entire system 

with 8 straight and 8 curved foot movements.


Days available: 7 days a week

Times available: 6pm-12am


Classes offered (Prices listed as one-to-one):

  • Level 1 - Within this course you will learn simple self-defence techniques. How to avoid punches and grabs as well as some simple advice on how to avoid trouble. Also how to deal with weapons attacks. - £15 p/h

  • Level 2 - These are developed ideas from level 1 to keep those who have taken level 1 updated and advance on previous techniques. - £17 p/h

  • Level 3 - Now things get a little more serious, to take part in the advanced course you MUST have completed level 1 and 2, no other entrance is accepted. We look back on all simple self defence moves carried out and develop them to deal with a higher level of speed, agility and skill from your attacker as well a few extra tricks to get out of a situation. A certificate is obtained upon completion. - £20 p/h

  • Corporate - This is a bespoke course which can be done over several weeks or as a weekend intense seminar style course, it is created specifically to you and your business' needs. - Variable cost depending on participants, course structure need and more.


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