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KEWAP (Knives & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme

The KEWAP has been specifically designed to be highly educational and though provoking in regards to the factual content documented in the respective power-point presentations and KEWAP comes in two formats i.e. the adult variant and the unique under eighteens variant.

Both formats cover many subjects including awareness, avoidance, everyday personal safety protocols, the Law & knives as well as physical response options instruction (over 16s). KEWAP physical response options are suitable for those who have little or no self-defence training or martial arts experience whatsoever.

Days available: 7 days a week

Times available: 6pm-12am


Classes offered.

  • Adult Classes (Minimum 5 people)

  • University Groups (Minimum 5 people)

  • U18s/School Classes (No Minimum)

  • Corporate/Bespoke Classes (Minimum 5 people)

Self Defence Canterbury