Days available: 7 days a week

Times available: 6pm-12am



Classes offered (Prices listed as one-to-one):

  • MMA Fitness Training - With the rise of MMA and the entering of various disciplines into the sport, it has had to amp up the fitness and now MMA training is known as one of the hardest training regimes of all sports and can seriously push anyones endurance and fitness levels to new heights, whether you are already a sporty and gym goining regular or just starting out with sport and fitness, this type of fitness can really help. - £30 p/h

  • Weight Loss - It doesn't matter what your goal is a personalised plan will be set up and it will be achieved, whether you just want to lose the puppy fat from after Christmas or you've let life get hold of you for too long and you need to lose several stone, it isn't a problem. Come and chat and start the rest of your life out right now with someone who has been there and knows exactly what it takes. - £negotiable depending on time required and goal weight.

  • Nutrition Plan (Specifically for sport) - No matter what sport or fitness activity you are taking part in, from high intensity combat sports to long distance endurance, it all has to start with the right nutrition. Within this a you will have a bespoke progressive nutritional plan creator specific to your needs and goals. - £20 (flat rate).


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